tisdag 26 oktober 2010


Well, who knew Mr Darcy:ish was going through mid-life crisis?! (Technically, I did, but denial never lets me down...) This is proving to be a bit of an issue, because even if I'm young and a chef in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom, not to forget a cleaner in the bedroom (One has to be these days), there is always other attractions. See, Mr Midlife has the biggest need of confirmation I have ever come across. They seek it everywhere, with anyone and all the time. The problem isn't that you're competing with someone, you're competing with everyone, and even the best of us finds that difficult.

Mr Darcy only wants your attention, Mr Twat can't get anyone else's - it's very black and white. Mr Midlife has got more shades of grey than a mouse who's been stepping in bleach. There is no right and wrong, and one never ever know what's waiting around the corner (but one can be sure it wont be good!)

I will develop this further soon, I have to get ready for work - Mr Midlife don't have 5 000 a year (it's very unfortunate!)

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